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Surfing on storms, swimming with comets...

Amidst the chaos of her teenage years, French flamboyant artist Mango In Euphoria found comfort in the music of Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey. Further inspired by the rebellious spirit of rock icons like The Runaways and the electrifying energy of The Struts, Mango's musical journey began.


With an eclectic taste and a real passion for music, Mango In Euphoria was initially just another face in the crowd when she moved to live in a London hostel, never imagining her songwriting would one day be taken seriously. Yet, through her encounters with devilish individuals, life's darker elements and a profound sense of societal injustice, she found her voice.


From the streets of Camden to the heart of Hackney, Euphoria's outstanding performances resonated with a raw, honest rock and roll energy infused with disco beats and dream pop nuances – a unique blend and style she affectionately describes as "dark disco".

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