Biography of a french freak...

'The Dark Disco Queen' - Spectrum Gigs


'True post pandemic popstar' - John Robb


'The Studio 54 french superstar, I see New York, the 70s, and a lot of gay people' - Luke Spiller


French artist Mango In Euphoria dropped her luggage in London in the middle of summer 2019 after working in Orlando, Florida and travelling in 12 states of America and stopping by Mexico and Cuba.

With a forever desire of cutting off the chaos she was born in, she developed a strong “wanderlust”.

From her young age until now, she kept on journaling everything she was going through to make sure she remembers the full pattern of her life, with only one goal in mind: reaching her higher self, no matter what it would be.


After working as a hostel cleaner where she would sleep in a room of 6 people for almost a year, she got hired  for a barista job just before the coronavirus pandemic in London. As this last one started, she found herself writing a lot while she was being overwhelmed by the stress of a toxic relationship and wrote more than a hundred demos which helped her to escape.


In 2021, she's being mentored by Luke Spiller, frontman of The Struts and gets support from John Robb on Louder Than War who compares her to Grimes and David Bowie after her first sold out gig at the Shacklewell Arms in East London. It's only later in the same year that she gets picked up by her first music manager after a show.


Although her style keeps being compared to a lot of amazing artists, Mango insists on the fact that she has an eclectic taste in music in the way that she gets quickly obsessed about different sounds she likes. Even though she mainly grew up listening to Lana Del Rey, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, it doesn't stop her from having some glam rock and rap music in her headphones.

In June 2022, she drops her debut single 'Goddess', an empowering dark disco song she wrote in 2021 after dealing with people trying to bring her down, people stealing her story and creativity and making her look like the bad guy.