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Biography of a french freak...


Welcome inside the heart of a powerful Dark Disco artist representing the life lived on the edge.


If there’s anyone sweet who has sharp teeth on this planet, it’s definitely Mango In Euphoria. The French born artist dropped her luggage in London after travelling through the United States and earning her commis waitress tips in Orlando, Florida.


Sleeping in a hostel and being a cleaner, it’s how it all started for her in the Big Smoke. But she only actively starts writing demos during the Coronavirus Pandemic after keeping a lot of her poetry (and overwhelming feelings) in her pocket.


Not even pretending she is a vocalist or a great singer, she loves the performance and the storytelling, and as she is meeting more people in the UK, the immigrant artist quickly catches the curiosity of everyone. During the process of recording her DIY demos she meets lead singer Luke Spiller from The Struts who pushed her to be on stage, and gets praised by John Robb who compares her stage presence to icons like David Bowie and Grimes. Mango In Euphoria then gets surrounded by industry managers and producers who see potential in her creative madness...


Starting off with her career, it’s a gothic dark disco/pop vibe she chose to go for when she finally gets a chance to be launched for good. She signs on a small independent label, and releases her debut single "Goddess".

(Photos by Felix Lensman)

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